Folkart Yapı, which creates qualified and environmentally friendly living spaces by taking the branded housing and office concept to the next level, has reached an outstanding portfolio accumulation with Folkart Narlıdere, Folkart Mavişehir, Folkart Paşalimanı, Folkart Towers, Folkart Time, Folkart Incity, LivaHome, Folkart Blu Çeşme, Folkart Hills Çeşme and Folkart Ilıca Çeşme which it has built for the future vision of İzmir.

Folkart Yapı offers the FORENT Real Estate Consultancy brand, which it established under its own roof, to the service of you, our valued customers, by further strengthening its experience and knowledge in the field of real estate with expert staff.

With Microsoft’s internationally unrivaled product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we guarantee to provide fast, error-free, quality and timely service to our valued customers, and we also platform our corporate memory so that you can use your investments more effectively.

We strive to offer you a wide range of benefits, ranging from customer satisfaction to delivering valuable information in an accurate and timely manner, from tracking possible risks to quick implementation of action plans.

Findeks, another business partner of Forent, is a financial services platform that analyzes the financial status, loan debts, limits and credit ratings of users.

Forent confirms the financial risks of its customers who want to sell or rent from Folkart projects, through Findeks, inquires about their credit limits and ensures the continuity of the process.

Developing and building a real estate is big business. However, the actual job is to make that building live and keep it that way. This is where the professional management philosophy comes into play.

Folkart plans the facility management works of all the projects it builds from the beginning and delegates it to Turkey’s leading national or international companies. It believes in professionalism, experience and the benefits of economies of scale in building management.

At this point, the professional management of the 850,742 m² area that has been completed to date is managed by Folkart’s long-term business partner, YKS Facility Management Systems. The area managed by YKS Facility Management Systems throughout Turkey is over 2 million 400 thousand square meters.


Adding value to İzmir and designing an innovative and extraordinary understanding of life in the city has been one of Folkart's foremost goals since 2006. Folkart is not alone in implementing these goals step by step. It acts together with leading professional business partners in its field, thus extending its expertise in real estate development to different disciplines. In the sales and after-sales processes, it provides a customer experience that is much more than just buying real estate, by offering its customers versatile solutions with complementary services such as leasing, sales, dues tracking, and citizenship consultancy on behalf of its customers. Şahin Law Firm, partnering Folkart in all legal sales processes, is an expert in Real Estate Law and known for its sectoral experience of more than 20 years, and is one of Folkart's business partners.